Lord light the path, give me the strength to walk it…

May 2, 2010

As I have reflected on my Christian walk, I have discovered a consistent prayer “Lord, light my path and give me the strength to walk it”.  It always felt like an appropriate prayer.  After all, I never prayed for Him to put me on a different path, or even ‘here is where I want my path to lead’.  But rather I simply asked him to light my path.  Truth be told, if God would light the path, and by that I mean the entire path, I would run full speed toward the end.  Think about it, if God revealed to you the messenger who would bring your son or daughter out of the darkness, wouldn’t you take it upon yourself to find that person to perhaps, speed up the process?  I know I would.

Yet, God has revealed something to me…he doesn’t want to light my path.  He wants me to depend on him each and every day.  Not just for one day, so that I may take matters into my own hands.  He wants to light my next step and He wants me to wait patiently there until He lights the next one.  He wants me to be dependent on Him and to trust Him completely.

Perhaps you are like me.  If so, I have an invitation for you.  Will you join me and your friends on Parents Reaching Parents in a Stormie OMartian Bible Study entitled Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On – Trusting God in Tough Times?  This 21 week study will help us take our eyes off our children and the path they are on and focus our energy on our Sovereign God as He guides our steps.  The book (same title) is available in any Christian book store for approximately $15 or on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Just-Enough-Light-Step-Im/dp/0736923578/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1272843278&sr=8-1. It contains a prayer and study guide with seven to ten questions in the back of the book.  I will post a synopsis of each chapter along with some questions that we can discuss together.

Please join me beginning Sunday, May 16th as we come together to surrender our children to God and grow in our trust in Him.  I look forward to studying God’s Word with you!



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  1. Looking forward to this. Just bought the book.

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